8(a) Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ);
Design-Build Task Order Construction Contract (TOCC);
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Baltimore District, Washington DC Area

Contract #: W912DR-08-D-0037

Contract Value: $14,900,000 max/3 years

Contracting Agency:  U.S. Army Corps of Engineers,

                                          Capital Area Integrated Program Office
                                          6050 1st Street, P.O. Box 89
                                          Fort Belvoir, VA 22060-5500


Period of Performance: September 2008 – September 2011

Contract Description: Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ), Design-Build Task Order Construction Contract (TOCC). This delivery order contract shall include but not be limited to general construction, modifications, alterations, rehabilitation, improvements, new construction; delivery orders may include incidental design build requirements. Work shall primarily be performed in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area but the contract may be used within the USACE Baltimore District.

Delivery Order #:         001 – Fort McNair Storm System Upgrade and Repair

                                          002 – Fort McNair Sanitary Sewer Upgrade and Repair

Deliver Order Value:  $3,600,000

Project Description: Deliver a complete engineering study, written report and drawings, outlining all steps and calculations used in the evaluation of the existing storm system and sanitary sewers (including deficiencies noted) and proposed corrective actions. Provide sewer cleaning, video, field notes and photographs used in determining the condition of the existing storm system.

Construction is the replacement of storm pipes, sanitary sewer lines, and manholes. It will be at the discretion of the contractor whether the project will entail either a) direct replacement of the existing storm/sanitary lines. b) the laying of new storm/sanitary lines adjacent to the existing and abandoning the existing in place, or c) the use of pipe lining (cured-in-place pipe) or pipe bursting.  For the purposes of this scope of work, terra cotta has been identified as the existing pipe material. It is the responsibility of the contractor to verify existing pipe materials and sizes. All new manholes will be either pre-cast concrete or masonry, whichever is more economical to the contractor.

Representative Work for this Customer:

• Engineer Assessment/Design
• Grease Trap Removal & Replacement
• Paving, Striping, Concrete, and Landscaping Repairs

• Sanitary Sewer Replacement
• Storm System Replacement
• Sanitary Sewer Relining

Delivery Order #:         003 – DC Armory; Pave Lots 9 & 10


Deliver Order Value:  $1,282,211.89

Project Description: Contractor to correct deficiencies and repave parking lots (9) and (10). The project consists of preparing Permit Ready and Construction Contract documents in accordance with environmental design requirements for storm water management.  Note that requirements include: localized excavation to a total depth 12” from final grade, compact remaining material as required; provide and place a 6” layer of 21a stone base; overlay with a 4" asphalt base course and an asphalt wearing course; provide continuous surface coating at all paving.  Phased work, one parking area shall be maintained for use until the other is accepted by USACE.

Representative Work for this Customer:

• Storm Water Management Design
• Milling, Fabric Installation & Repaving
• Striping, Concrete & Landscaping Repairs

• SWM Installation
• Rehabilitation of Lots Sub-grade
• Storm Drain Repairs

Delivery Order #:         004 – Arlington National Cemetery Road Repair


Deliver Order Value:  $258,423.03

Project Description: This delivery order covered the milling, paving and restriping of Wilson Drive, Porter Drive, Chapel Gate and the Administration Building parking lot at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, VA.  The work was planned and performed to avoid the interruption of funeral services held Monday through Saturday at Arlington National Cemetery.

Representative Work for this Customer:

• QC, Safety & Traffic Control Plans
• Rehabilitation of Roadway Sub-grade
• Milling, Fabric Installation & Repaving

• Day and Night time Scheduling
• Erosion Control
• Site Restoration

Delivery Order #:         005 – Fort Myer Road Repair


Deliver Order Value:  $434,464.24

Project Description: This delivery order included the milling, paving, restriping, and curb and gutter repairs along Lee Avenue, Biddle Avenue, and Hospital Lane at Fort Myer, VA.  The Scope of Work performed required close coordination with another third party contractor installing storm sewer, USACE, and base officials.

Representative Work for this Customer:

• QC, Safety & Traffic Control Plans
• Rehabilitation of Roadway Sub-grade
• Milling, Fabric Installation & Repaving

• Day and Night time Scheduling
• Erosion Control
• Site Restoration

Delivery Order #:         006 – Pentagon Corridors 2 & 3 Screening Facility


Deliver Order Value:  $3,589,171.97

Project Description: This delivery is a design-build project for the purpose of relocating two security screening facilities to the Pentagon’s exterior in two stages to maintain functionality of security operations.  The Scope of Work included the dismantling of two existing interior security screening facilities followed by general construction of two state-of-the-art Security Screening Facilities on the Pentagon Corridors 2 & 3 walkway bridges.

Representative Work for this Customer:

• Structural Engineering Design
• Walkway Bridge Reinforcing
• Regulatory Agency Architectural Approvals

• Fast-Track Construction Planning
• Removal and Storage of Guard Booths
• Interior Repairs – Turnstile Removal & Replacement