Refined Coal Facility;
San Juan Generating Station;
Waterflow, NM

Contract #: TCG 0100 RCF Project Management

Contract Value: In excess of $1,000,000

Contracting Agency:  TCG Global

                                          14104 East Davies Ave.
                                          Centennial, CO 80112


Period of Performance: November 2012 – May 2013

Contract Description: Contractor provided design and construction management of a TCG owned Refined Coal Facility to enhance additive storage capacity, install pneumatic conveying system, replaced tank agitation systems and upgrade PLC controls. North Island provided subcontract labor, project management and field supervision, equipment and supplies. The project was focused on providing a reliable system to treat 6 MTPY of coal on 24 X 7 basis at the San Juan Generating Station near Waterflow, NM.

Representative Work for this Customer:

• Design cost effective upgrades
• Evaluate additive storage needs
• Select pneumatic conveying, load cells and dust

   collection system

• Site work, monolithic slabs
• Paving
• Oversee and implement PLC upgrades