The NIMA Corporation, is a private Alaskan native-owned corporation representing the business interests of the Cup’ig Eskimos from Nunivak Island. NIMA is an acronym for Nunivak Island Mekoryuk Alaska. NIMA’s corporate headquarters are based in Anchorage, Alaska with a local office in Mekoryuk, on Nunivak Island which is located 40 miles off the coast of Southwest Alaska in the Bering Sea. NIMA is committed to preserving the Cup’ig culture and traditions, which strengthen the shareholders, their descendants and the corporation. NIMA represents the only village on Nunivak Island, and has shareholders in Mekoryuk, Bethel, Anchorage, and throughout Alaska, the United States, and Europe. NIMA understands the importance of protecting ancestral lands for the benefit of the shareholders, the development of human and financial resources, and fostering relationships with the Cup’ig people and their descendants.

Additional information about our parent company is available by downloading this white paper, “NIMA Corporation - Delivering on the Promise: An Alaska Native Village Corporation Success Story”.